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Abstracts Gallery

My surreal abstract pencil drawings are a unique form of self portraiture. They can be characterized somewhere between Escher’s relentlessly exact surrealism and Dali’s free flowing surreal imagery. I use an evolving syntax of visual symbols to explore my subconscious and translate my interior world into portraits of my emotional mindscape. Much like music causes the two sides of the brain to communicate more quickly and easily, the therapy of drawing these images has helped me become more self-aware and more able to process life challenges as I sort out truth for myself.

You'll notice recurrent themes of fragility, connection, and movement as these abstract mindscapes seek to alchemize raw emotional states into charted paths of light and healing. I use phrases from literature and lyrics from music to map the shifting landscape of a life lived in the balance between darkness and light.


For more information on the symbols, musical lyrics, and phrases I use, please see the symbols page.

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