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Mixed Media Gallery

My mixed media work evolved as a way to process how I experience and see the world. I began to study the relationship between artificial and natural light as a way to process how the organic and man-made world interact with each other. 


I explore the relationship between the artificial and the natural as it raises dynamic questions about human existence. We influence and change the world around us, while through this process we are also changed by the world. I am fascinated by the way this relationship expands our personal definitions of self and truth.


My mixed media work harnesses vivid colors to express specific emotions related to the interplay between reality and surreality. When artificial light exposes deep shadows on a city street, I see a way to access collective historical memory. We have never shed our ancestors' quest for eternal light in the midst of the dark. What does it say about us that we use light to chase darkness from our cities every night? What does it mean that even these lights cannot fully banish the deep shadows surrounding us?

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